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Radcam Technologies
Updated on Nov 18, 2020

Radcam technologies Director Mr. Siddhu Jolad with Ekicontrol

We were very happy to welcome Mr. Siddhu Jolad from Radcam Technologies in India at EKICONTROL COIL PROCESSING LINES for three days from 27-30 May. We visited clients in the area of Barcelona and others closer to the hashtag#BasqueCountry to show Mr. Jolad our coil processing lines at work., they all started their production processes directly from coil. As we heard on our last visit from the industrial engineer who was the Production Manager of a major metal furniture manufacturing company: “cutting, as accurately as possible, the required length of steel and having minimum waste on the raw material is the key to increase benefits”. We also enjoyed the famous Basque gastronomy and were extremely lucky to enjoy sunny weather and show Mr. Jolad the view of the “Concha” beach of San Sebastian. One of the most beautiful sights in the whole world. We now hope to continue our business cooperation with more projects and sales in India. See you soon!