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Data Import Cimatron Die & Design

Data Import

Import your customer data and start working within seconds:Start working as soon as you get your customer's p…

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Quoting Cimatron Die & Design


Win more business with quick and accurate cost estimates:Produce accurate cost estimates with the DieQuote Ge…

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Blank Design and Forming Cimatron Die & Design

Blank Design and Forming

Use QuickSplit, the industry’s fastest and most accurate parting and cavity design tool:Start mold design imm…

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Die Layout Cimatron Die & Design

Die Layout

Load an entire die set that is fully adapted to the requirements of your current project in seconds:Use a rea…

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Die Set Design Cimatron Die & Design

Die Set Design

Load an entire mold base plate set in just minutes using standard and user-defined catalog parts:Easily load …

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Punch/Matrix Design Cimatron Die & Design

Punch/Matrix Design

Simplify and speed up punch creation with a rich selection of applicative tools and powerful modeling capabil…

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Catalog Parts Cimatron Die & Design

Catalog Parts

Work with a large selection of commercial catalogs:Browse through up-to-date catalog libraries to find the ri…

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Collision Detection and Motion Analysis Cimatron Die & Design

Collision Detection and Motion Analysis

Leverage the 3D environment; visualize the vertical axis throughout your design to avoid interference and oth…

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Drawing Cimatron Die & Design


Create and reuse drawing templates that incorporate customer specifications:Use powerful drafting options for…

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Built-In CAD Functionality Cimatron Die & Design

Built-In CAD Functionality

All the CAD you need for the best machining results:Take advantage of a full hybrid system that allows you to…

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Efficient Roughing Cimatron Die & Design

Efficient Roughing

Maximize material removal rate while prolonging tool life with efficient roughing:Undertake quick and effecti…

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High-Quality Finishing Cimatron Die & Design

High-Quality Finishing

Achieve a superior surface quality with high-quality finishing:Choose from a rich set of 3- to 5-axis optimiz…

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Full 5-Axis Capabilities for Die Making Cimatron Die & Design

Full 5-Axis Capabilities for Die Making

Full 5-axis capabilities reduce setup time, shorten machining time, and improve surface quality:Use a single …

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Plate Machining and Drilling Cimatron Die & Design

Plate Machining and Drilling

Generate efficient toolpaths for plate machining:Achieve efficient and accurate plate machining with powerful…

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Simulation and Post-Processor Support Cimatron Die & Design

Simulation and Post-Processor Support

Machine with confidence and predict results with simulation and post-processor support:View the cutting proce…

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NC Setup and Tool Table Reports Cimatron Die & Design

NC Setup and Tool Table Reports

Facilitate information flow between NC programmers and the shop floor:Generate NC setup and tool table report…

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Wire EDM Programming Cimatron Die & Design

Wire EDM Programming

Quickly and easily program your wire EDM machines:Support 2- and 4-axis wire modes.Handle single contours in …

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