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Milling Options

GibbsCAM’s full range of milling options provides you with the power and flexibility to program all your CNC mills with a single program and a single interface. GibbsCAM gives you the freedom to make your parts, your way.

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2 and 2.5 Axis

GibbsCAM Production Milling delivers an easy-to-use CNC programming solution for shops that are cutting 2-axis features such as pockets, holes, and slots.

3 Axis

GibbsCAM 3-Axis milling creates smooth, accurate tool paths for cutting complex shapes using either surfaces, solid models, or any combination of both.


GibbsCAM Multi-Axis milling uses state of the art toolpath strategies to generate accurate, reliable G-code for 4 and 5-Axis CNC machining centers.

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Production Milling of GibbsCAM Milling

Production Milling

GibbsCAM Production Milling supports 2-axis through simple 3-axis wireframe machining with full functionality…

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Solids Import of GibbsCAM Milling

Solids Import

The Solids Import option provides entry-level support to machine solid models. Solid models can be read, view…

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SolidSurfacer of GibbsCAM Milling


The SolidSurfacer option includes high-level surface and solids modeling capabilities and advanced functional…

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Polar and Cylindrical Milling of GibbsCAM Milling

Polar and Cylindrical Milling

The Polar and Cylindrical Milling option drives one rotary and two linear axes to achieve a 3-axis toolpath. …

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Radial Milling of GibbsCAM Milling

Radial Milling

The GibbsCAM Rotary Milling option drives one rotary and three linear axes to achieve a 4-axis toolpath. It p…

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5-Axis of GibbsCAM Milling


The GibbsCAM 5-axis option supports simultaneous 4- and 5-axis machining with various tool types. In combinat…

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5-Axis Porting of GibbsCAM Milling

5-Axis Porting

An addition to GibbsCAM 5-Axis Milling, 5-Axis Porting is optimized to simplify machining ports, manifolds, t…

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5-Axis MultiBlade of GibbsCAM Milling

5-Axis MultiBlade

An addition to GibbsCAM 5-Axis Milling, GibbsCAM 5-Axis MultiBlade is optimized for programming machining cen…

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Multi-Task Machining of GibbsCAM Milling

Multi-Task Machining

Specifically designed to address the CNC programming requirements of complex, multi-task machining (MTM) tool…

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Tombstone Management System of GibbsCAM Milling

Tombstone Management System

The Tombstone Management System (TMS) was developed specifically to simplify and streamline the multi-part se…

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Machine Simulation of GibbsCAM Milling

Machine Simulation

An extension to the GibbsCAM integrated Cut Part Rendering visualization/verification capability, Machine Sim…

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VoluMill of GibbsCAM Milling


VoluMill™ for GibbsCAM is an ultra-high performance toolpath (UHPT) option that uses a continuous, high-speed…

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2.5D Solids of GibbsCAM Milling

2.5D Solids

GibbsCAM 2.5D Solids includes significant surface and solid modeling capabilities and the functionality to ma…

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