MBend is an application for programming and simulating CNC press brakes to maximize production resources. MBend enables offline calculation of tooling setups and bend sequences, with dynamic 3D simulation for avoiding collisions of the part with the machine elements.

Feature-rich MBend includes:

  • Transferring parts directly from 3D CAD systems
  • Importing and unfolding IGES and STEP 3D parts
  • Importing and folding flat DXF\DWG parts with layer filtering
  • Enabling automatic or manual selection of tools based on material, machine, and tool properties
  • Calculating sequences automatically, avoiding collisions
  • Allowing manual selection of sequences, in 3D, with collision testing
  • Positioning fingers automatically, yet allowing manual snapping to adjust placement
  • Calculating retractions automatically
  • Simulating the bending process in 3D, displaying collisions
  • Generating native NC programs for loading parts directly into machine controls
  • Creating comprehensive setup reports for the machine operator including bend sequence, tooling, and bend-by-bend graphics
  • A touch-screen version for machine controls
Advantages of MBend:
  • Fully automated processing, including fully automated batch processing of multiple parts, enhancing your productivity and hastening design-to-production times
  • Automatic collision-less sequencing solutions for an unlimited number of bends
  • If a collision-less bend sequence exists, MBend will find it
  • Solutions with a minimal number of stations and segments
  • Unlimited number of fingers

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