Multiblanking Cutting Lines

TwinCut 30, 40 Image 1

TwinCut 30, 40

It´s here, 1500×3 mm and 1500×4 mm One more step, a compact line for 3 and 4 mm thick with simultaneous multiblanking cutting. A machine with a tilting straightener is elaborated to offer the maximum quality of sheet straightening. The inside 13 rolls, of which 2 are at the entrance and 2 overlapped are at the exit, carry out the traction of a sheet. The 9 straightening rolls, of which 4 are upper and 5 are lower, make a sheet flat. Each straightening roll is accompanied by back-up rolls that avoid bending the straightening roll. The tilting of the upper part of the straightener is motorized with reducers and a spindle to carry out the straightening. A quickly adjustable slitter is located on the same structure of the straightener. A side module is movable to allow extracting blade holders and thus facilitates the configuration. Cut-to-length shears are manufactured either with a reducer or a pneumatic clutch depending on the thickness to be cut. The machine is designed specifically for this cutting line. A mobile desk helps an operator have the ease of movement and continuous visualization.

Optional equipment

  • Motorized hydraulic pressure arm
  • Paper rewinder
  • Film plastic device
  • Specific electronic equipment
  • Stackers, packers
  • Scrap rewinders (cleaning or sanitation)
  • Motorized entry guide adjustment

TwinCut 30, 40 Image 2

TwinCut 30, 40 Image 3

Technical data

Model Width to process Coil weight (Kg) Minimum thickness (mm) Maximum thickness (Steel 420 Nw/mm²) Production speed Back-up rolls Slitting tilting
TwinCut 30 1550 10.000
0’6 3 mm 30 m/min Yes Motorized
TwinCut 40 1550 10.000
0’8 4 mm 40 m/min Yes Motorized
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TwinCut 30, 40 Image 4