Special Machines

CNC Bending and Forming Machine for Railway Clips

OMCG has introduced a new concept of work cell dedicated to the production of SB type railway clips and similar up to 18 mm in diameter which exploits cold working compared to traditional hot working, considerably reducing energy consumption.

XRC is equipped with the innovative eccentric bending head which offers exceptional bending capabilities, it is a compact and robust work cell, highly productive and flexible.

In its design, particular attention was paid to reducing equipment changeover time and improving production speed. Its configuration can be customized by combining different technologies such as unwinding, straightening, numerical control bending, multi-slide forming, integration with external units for secondary operations and with robots for transfer operations.

In addition to the famous quality and long life of OMCG mechanics, it shares the new 3D Easy Programming 4 interface software with all OMCG CNC bending machines of the latest generation. It is an intuitive and easy to use software based on fanless industrial computers with SSHD and Windows 10 operating system that makes the difference in terms of productivity and operational safety.