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XWA is OMCG answer to wiper arms manufactures. A compact solution that combines incredible flexibility, ease of use and changeover with excellent performances. The process includes the following operations: strip uncoiling, straightening, feeding, marking, punching, notching, side and flat bending, twisting, adapter side and spring side bending. The machine can be equipped with quality check vision system for operations and RFID tooling check. It can also easily integrate with third parties in-line adapter assembly units by means of a pick’n’place robot. Besides OMCG’s legendary quality and long lasting mechanics, it shares with the latest OMCG CNC benders the same 3D human-interface software Easy Programming 4.

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Technical data

Rod sizes 9 x 3 9 x 4 12 x 4 mm (0.35 x 0.12 0.35 x 0.16 0.47 x 0.16 in)
Nominal tensile strength up to: 1200 N/mm2 (9 x 4 mm / 0.35 x 0.16 in max.)
up to: 1000 N/mm2 (12 x4 mm / 0.47 x 0.16 in max.)
Rod minimum length 200 mm (7.87 in)
Maximum rod length 700 mm (27.56 in)
Bending angle max. ± 40°
Controlled axes no. up to 7
Power, dimensions and weight
Mains electricity* EU: 400 V 3-ph+N 50 Hz
US: 208-480 V 3-ph 60 Hz
Total installed power 62 kW
Average power consumption** 15 kWh
Compressed air requirements 90 psi (6 bar) @ 100 Nl/min
Dimensions (LxWxH), straightener and safety guards included 1320 x 5300 x 2450 mm (52 x 209 x 97 in)
Weight 8300 kg (18298 lb)
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